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Medieval Studies Student Organization

The Medieval Studies Student Organization (MSSO) provides FSU graduate students with an interdisciplinary forum for academic and professional development in the field of medieval studies.  Membership is open to all graduate students.

If you are interested in joining MSSO, please follow these steps:
1. Login to Blackboard (
2. Click on Secure Apps
3. Click on Student Organizations
4. Click on Browse All Student Groups
5. Click “Yes I'm interested” button


New MSSO Officers:

President: Jennifer Feltman
Vice-President: Sarah Andyshak
Secretary: Nadia Pawelchak
Treasurer: Deirdre Carter

FSU to host the Vagantes Graduate Student Conference in 2009.


Byzantine Studies Conference
Medieval Academy of America
The New College Conference of Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Professional Organizations

Byzantine Studies Association of North America 
Medieval Academy of America (MAA) 
International Center of Medieval Art (ICMA)


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