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Student Organizations

Art History students at Museum Object exhibition opening Fall 2016Art History Student Awards & Dissertations

Student Organizations

The Graduate Art History Association (AHA)

The Graduate Art History Association mission is to enhance the educational opportunities of graduate students in Art History and related fields at FSU by offering professional lectures, luncheons, trips to museums and galleries, and social support. Student interaction is promoted through planned events throughout the year. AHA also assists with the annual Art History Graduate Student Symposium, and AHA officers serve as Symposium session chairs. The 2018-19 AHA officers are Ari Hakkarainen (President), Meggan McCarthy (Vice President), and Megan Murray (Treasurer). For more information visit AHA on Facebook.
AHA Constitution (pdf)

UAHA Bake Sale 2016The Undergraduate Art History Association (UAHA)

The Undergraduate Art History Association is dedicated to providing a community for FSU Art History students and those with a passion for the field. Throughout the year UAHA plans events for students ranging from museum field trips to professional development workshops. At the end of each academic year, UAHA releases ‘Zine, an online magazine established in 2010 by then-UAHA President Caroline Keegan to publish and promote the work of UAHA students. The 2016–17 UAHA officers are Kelly Scandone (President), Nat Jones (Vice President), and Mya Frieze (Secretary).

UAHA is proud to present the 2016-2017 ‘Zine. This year’s publication was edited and designed by Editor-in-Chief Mya Frieze. Contributors include Daniela Arguello, Meg Barrett, McKenna Britton, Kelly Scandone, and Maggie Smith. Each year students are able to submit work, including academic writings, reflection pieces, and event reviews to ‘Zine. If you are interested in contributing to or assisting with the 2017-2018 Zine, please email And for more about UAHA, visit their Facebook group.

Medieval Studies Association (MSA)

The Medieval Studies Organization is an interdisciplinary group that promotes the study of antiquity and the Middle Ages in Europe and the eastern Mediterranean.  MSA is represented by students of Art History, Classics, English, History, Humanities, and Middle Eastern Studies.

SIX coverCFA College Leadership Council

The College of Fine Arts Leadership Council (CLC) was founded in Fall 2010 by Art History undergraduates Caroline Keegan and Kimber Chewning to promote collaboration and communication between the students in all the departments from the college. The CLC is made up of 17 students with graduate and undergraduate representatives from each department and school. The CLC encourages interdisciplinary communication and artistic collaboration. It is our belief that multidisciplinary cooperation will make us better artists and work toward a stronger college. At the end of each academic year the CLC publishes SIX, a collection of work by students of the College of Fine Arts.
Download  SIX  2016–17 (pdf).