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Graduate Art History Association

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The Graduate Art History Association (AHA) provides its members with a means for interacting with other students, faculty and professionals in the field. The mission of the organization is to enhance the educational opportunities at Florida State University by offering professional lectures, luncheons, field trips to area museums and galleries and support for students. The social interaction of students is promoted through planned events throughout the year. AHA also assists with the annual Art History Graduate Student Symposium held at FSU in the fall.

Art History Association Constitution [pdf]

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Current AHA Officers


Allyson Hitte
Undergraduate University: Gettysburg College
Undergraduate Major: Art History/Classical Studies
Graduate Major Area: Art History
Research Interests: Italian Renaissance Art
Career Goal: Museum of Auction House

Vice President

Alexia Lobaina
Undergraduate University: Florida State University
Undergraduate Major: Studio Art and Art History
Graduate Major: Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies
Research Interests: History of Photography, American and Latin American Art
Career Goal: Art Museum Curator


Albena Maslinkova
Undergraduate University: University of North Florida
Undergraduate Major: Art History
Graduate Major: Modern, Art History
Research Interests: 19th Century Paris & American Western Art
Career Goal: Pursue a career in the Museum Field

2014-2015 Officers

President – Colleen Bowen
Vice President – Mattie Codling
Treasurer – Chizette Kremer

2013-2014 Officers

President – Randi Cromer
Vice President – Krystle Elaine Stricklin
Treasurer – Katie Townsend

2012-2013 Officers

President – Abigail Upshaw
Vice President – Samuel Dylan Ewing
Treasurer – Karen Crissman

2011-2012 Officers

President – Leah Sherman
Vice President – Juan Barcelo-Gonzalez
Treasurer – Morgan Deppe

2010-11 Officers

President – Morgan Middleton
Vice President – Justine McCullough
Treasurer – Kristi Peterson

2009-10 Officers

President – Stephanie Bender
Vice President – Kati McCampbell
Treasurer – Samantha Ogden

2008-09 Officers

President – Ressa Mackey
Vice President – Arenthia Herren
Treasurer – Lesley Marchessault
Faculty Liaison – Stephanie Chadwick

2007-08 Officers

President – Morgan McCormick
Vice President – Stephanie Dutcher
Treasurer – Alison Moore
Faculty Liaison – Lindsay Skelly