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Undergraduate Awards

2015-16 CFA Student Awards Reception

Department Chair Adam Jolles with Art History students at the 2015-16 CFA Awards Reception, March 22, 2016.

Since 2003, the Department of Art History has annually awarded a select group of outstanding undergraduates the Helen J. Beard Undergraduate Scholarship for Excellence in the Major. Scholarships are conferred at the annual College of Fine Arts Award Ceremony and typically consist of a one-time $250 stipend.

Learn more about this year’s Beard Award winners.

Beard Award Winners


Anna Castellano
Taylor Crosby
Alissa Mittl
Victoria Sunnergren

The Department also congratulates Morgan Zoldak and Kelly Scandone, who were also celebrated at the 2015-16 College of Fine Arts Award Ceremony on March 22, 2016.  Scandone was recognized for her work on the College Leadership Council, and Zoldak received the College Humanitarian of the Year award for her service in Ghana with Global Peace Exchange, and was nominated for the President’s Undergraduate Humanitarian of the Year Award.



Gabrielle Babin
Daniel Bruce
Ashlyn Gentile
Jane Hamel
Molly Newcomb
Jasmine VanWeelden


Sarah Daiker
Caitlin Play
Caroline Keegan
Michelle Bazzani
Ashley Soto


Melissa Arrant
Kimber Chewning
Samantha Degennaro
Elia Trucks
Margaret Stern
Krystle Stricklin


Jennifer Bost
Heather Cook
Whitney Graham
Megan Hart
Natalie Morrison
Alex Norby
Ashley Parra
Shannen Winfield



Samantha Allen
Rosanna Bell
Kate Douglass
Michele Frederick
Lauren Higbee
Kari Hudnall
Leah Sherman
Liz Spraggins


Jennifer Bost
Heather Cook
Whitney Graham
Megan Hart
Natalie Morrison
Alex Norby
Ashley Parra
Shannen Winfield


Saffron Burdick
Anna Casillas
Caroline Lebet
Tammy Yen-yu Lin
Justin Zidak


Stephanie Beaty
Emily Clary
James Alex Harper
Ellen Howard
Kathleen Kotan
Yelizaveta Smirnova
Amelia Williams


Melissa Gardner
Ashley Jehle
Tom Jungerberg
Allison McCormick
Ashley Norheim
Fiona Smyth


Kristie Cox
Maria Crawford
Jessica Goldfin
Marisa Grande
Diana Pearson
Carolina Rangel
Michelle Sofge
Erin Wolfe


Vanessa Bravo
Pheobee Cochran
Elizabeth Godwin
Angela Lewis
Katherine Nanfro
Joshua O’Driscoll
Kimberly Qualters
Rachel Sauls
Ashleigh Wells


Diane Ahrens
Selena Chambers
Jennifer Courts

Adam Jolles and student award recipients, spring 2015

Department Chair Adam Jolles with 2014 graduate and undergraduate student award recipients at the 2014-15 College of Fine Arts Award Ceremony