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Fields of Study: Ancient

In these fields, courses are taught and research directed by professors from the FSU Department of Classics.

Please note that Ancient Art may be a major field for the Master’s program and a minor field for the Ph.D program. However, it may not be the area of a doctoral dissertation.


Nancy de Grummond
Etruscan, Roman, Hellenistic

Christopher Pfaff
Greek Art and Architecture

Daniel Pullen
Bronze Age Aegean, Egyptian


Course Listing – Ancient

ARH 5111. Art and Archaeology of the Bronze Age in the Aegean (3)

A detailed study of the major archaeological evidence related to the Bronze Age in Crete and Greece; the major sites, monuments and artistic works studied and analyzed.

ARH 5125. Etruscan Art and Archaeology (3)

Critical study and appraisal of Etruscan monuments and artistic works; major archaeological evidence for Etruscan culture.

ARH 5140. Greek Art and Archaeology of the Fifth and Fourth Centuries B.C. (3)

A careful study of the monuments of classical Greece and its artistic productions; study of archaeological evidence and the accomplishments of classical Greek Art.

ARH 5160. Art and Archaeology of the Early Roman Empire (3)

The archaeological evidence and artistic production of Rome from Augustus through the Antonines studied carefully with a view toward evaluating the period’s accomplishments.

ARH 5174r. Studies in Classical Art and Archaeology (3)

Specific studies in aspects of classical art and archaeology. May be repeated to a maximum of nine (9) semester hours.


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