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International Opportunities

florenceSince the founding of the FSU Florence Program in 1966, Art History has collaborated with FSU’s outstanding International Programs to offer a variety of art history-intensive courses at rich cultural sites around the world. Internships abroad also provide invaluable opportunities for undergraduate Art History majors, Museum Studies minors, and graduate students in Museum & Cultural Heritage Studies.

FSU Art History courses and programs offered abroad in the coming year:

Spring Break 2017: Museums & National Heritage Sites of London (LN50)
Art History course leaders: Dr. Teri Abstein & Dr. Allys Palladino-Craig
Dates: March 10–March 18, 2017 / Application deadline: Nov. 2, 2016.
Courses: (undergraduate & graduate) The Museum Object; Museum & National Heritage Sites in London.

Summer 2017:  Paris Art & Culture (PA99)
Art History program leader: Dr. Lauren Weingarden
Dates: July 1–July 30, 2017 / Application deadline: Dec. 7, 2016.
Courses: (undergraduate & graduate) Artistic Avant-Garde; Museums of Paris.

Summer 2017:  Broad Curriculum Summer Program in London (LN02)
Art History course leader: Dr. Robert Neuman
Dates: June 8–July 5, 2017 / Application deadline: Dec. 7, 2016.
Course: Art, Architecture & Artistic Vision.

Summer 2017: Broad Curriculum Summer Programs in Florence (FL 01–03)
Dates: May 11–June 22; June 29–August 3; May 11–August 3 / Application deadline: Dec. 7, 2016.
Courses: Art, Architecture, and Artistic Vision; Florentine Renaissance.

Fall 2017: Broad Curriculum Fall Program in Florence (FL04)
Dates: August 31– Dec. 14, 2017  / Application deadline: April 5, 2017.
Courses: Art, Architecture, and Artistic Vision; Florentine Renaissance.

The biggest factor in deciding when and where to study abroad is often the financial aspect. Many students assume they cannot afford to participate, missing out on an invaluable opportunity because they are not aware of alternative methods of funding. The International Programs Financial Assistance Coordinator is dedicated to helping students through the financial aid application process by conducting workshops on a regular basis and meeting personally with each student needing assistance. FSU students can also find additional helpful information on the FSU Financial Aid website.

FSU International Programs Teaching Appointment

Each summer, the department appoints a single doctoral student to teach in Italy on the FSU International Programs Florence campus. The TA is responsible for teaching a single section of ARH 2000 – Art, Architecture, and Artistic Vision for the full twelve-week summer session. Airfare, housing, and a stipend of $4,000 are provided. Doctoral students in good standing should express their interest in this position to the department chair by September 15 in the form of a brief paragraph that details teaching qualifications, prior travel experience, and how the opportunity will help advance their research.