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MCHS 4+1 Combined BA/MA Pathway

This page outlines the admission process and course requirements for the Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies (MCHS) combined BA/MA degree. For an overview of MCHS graduate degrees offered by the FSU Department of Art History, visit this page.


In this combined-degree pathway, academically talented FSU students enroll in courses that count toward both degrees during their senior year, and complete their graduate work for the MA in Museum & Cultural Heritage Studies in the 5th year. The pathway is designed for FSU undergraduate majors in Art History and majors in related fields who have at least 6 hours of coursework in Art History.  Students who wish to pursue this challenging path should plan ahead and be in regular contact with the MCHS Director beginning in their sophomore year at the latest.


Requirements for admission:

  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher, including a GPA of 3.0 in all major area coursework.
  • Undergraduate major in Art History or have completed 6 hours of Art History coursework at time of application.
  • Completion of at least 6 hours of Art History internship (ARH 4941) before application.
  • Completion of BA language requirement before application.
  • Completion of the Graduate Record Examination before application.

The admission process:

  • During the sophomore year, contact the MCHS Director to indicate interest and begin the advising process.
  • During the junior year, complete the application to the FSU Graduate School and to the Art History graduate program. See How to Apply.
  • Interview with MCHS committee, arranged by MCHS Director after application is received.
  • Eligibility for combined degree pathway participation must be certified in Office of University Registrar.

Program of Study & Curricular Map

Upon admission to the pathway, undergraduate students may register for up to 6 hours of graduate level coursework per semester during their senior year, with the approval of the Director of MCHS and the course instructor for each course. Undergraduate seniors enrolled in courses for graduate credit may not carry a semester load of more than fifteen credit hours.

The curricular map for the senior year and the final year of the 4+1 Pathway includes 18 hours of graduate coursework each year:

Senior Year, Fall: ARH 5799 (MCHS), ARH 5797 (Museum Basics), plus up to 9 hours of remaining BA requirements.
Senior Year, Spring:  ARH 5806 (ARH Seminar), ARH 5838 (Museum Object), plus up to 9 hours remaining BA requirements.
Senior Year, Summer: 6 hours ARH 5942 or equivalent internship/coursework/fieldwork (with approval of MCHS Director).
Fifth Year, Fall: 6 hours Art History major area coursework, 3 hours Museum Elective.
Fifth Year, Spring: 6 hours Art History major area coursework, 3 hours Museum Elective.