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Museum Studies Minor Program Requirements

Required Courses – 6 hours

The following two courses are required for the Museum Studies minor, and may be taken in any order although it is preferred that students take Museum Basics before Museum Object. Please note that space in Museum Object is limited to 12 students; registration requires approval of the course instructor.

  • Museum Basics – ARH 3794
  • Museum Object – ARH 3854

Elective – 3 hours

The student chooses one of the following 3-hour courses:

  • Museum Education (ARE 4930, Special Topics in Art Education)
  • Arts Administration (also listed as ARE 4930 – Special Topics in Art Education)
  • A basic business/non-profit management course, such as:
    PAD 4223 – Budgets & Finances in Managing Public Affairs (Business)
    HIS 4080 – Archives Management (History)
  • A Practicum course connected to a specific exhibition organized by an FSU professor

Please note that only specific courses can be used for the Museum Studies Minor elective; most Art History, Art Education and History courses do not fulfill the requirement. If your elective choice is not on the list, you must clear it with Dr. Paul Niell.

Internship – 6 hours

Museum Studies minors must complete 6 hours of museum internship. Museum Studies minors have the option of one 6-hour internship (240 work-hours) in one semester OR two 3-hour internships (120 work-hours each) over two semesters, in any museum(s), preferably but not necessarily an art museum. The student signs up with an Art History professor of record who assigns a letter grade for the internship based on a term paper and the museum supervisor’s evaluation.

The student’s grade for each 3-hour internship is based on the museum supervisor’s evaluation and a 1,250-word research paper which follows the Internship Academic Requirement guidelines. The student is responsible for maintaining regular contact with the professor of record throughout the semester to discuss paper topics and progress. If a Museum Studies minor elects to take all 6 internship hours in one semester, one 2,500-word paper is required.

Internship Opportunities

FSU Art History students hold internship positions in museums across the country. For interested candidates, a list of local and state-wide institutions that offer internship opportunities is available.

Internship Registration Process

To register for an internship, the student should make arrangements with the museum’s intern coordinator and an Art History professor of record. The Internship Registration Form should be filled out and submitted to the Professor of Record. At the end of the internship, the museum supervisor fills out an  Internship Evaluation Form and the student sends it to the professor. The student’s grade for the course is based on this evaluation, the research paper, the journal and contact through the course of the internship.