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Introducing Doctors Deirdre Carter and Bryan Schaeffer

Published January 1, 2018

Congratulations to our newest alumni!

Deirdre Carter (pictured left with committee co-chair Richard K. Emmerson) and D. Bryan Schaeffer were awarded PhDs in December, joining the ranks of our impressive 2017 doctoral recipients:

Sarah E. S. Buck: “Prints and Professional Habits During the Reign of Louis XIV: The Grotesque Costumes of the Trades by the Larmessin (c. 1688–1695).” Committee Chair: Robert Neuman.

Deirdre Carter: “Art, History, and the Creation of Monastic Identity at Late Medieval St. Albans Abbey.” Committee Co-Chairs: Richard K. Emmerson, Lynn Jones.

Mery-et Lescher, “The Little Studio That Could: The Contribution of Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida to the Animation Renaissance and Theme-Park Entertainment.” Committee Chair: Robert Neuman.

Kristi Peterson: “Consumption and Construction: Devotional Images and the Place of Empire in Postclassic Mexico, 1325–1521.” Committee Chair: Michael Carrasco.

D. Bryan Schaeffer: “Sojourn to the Sun God: Places of Travel in Mixtec Codices.” Committee Chair: Michael Carrasco.

Note: See our Dissertations page for a complete list of Art History dissertations in progress and completed. Most completed FSU dissertations can be found in the DigiNole Digital Repository.