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Emmerson Offers New E-Series Apocalypse Course

Published October 31, 2015

Dr. Richard Emerson

Dr. Richard Emmerson, Visiting Distinguished Professor of Art History, has developed a new E-series course to be offered for several semesters beginning in 2016.  The course, Apocalypse: The End of the World in Art (IFS 2120), will study the ways in which artists and writers over the past 2,000 years have envisioned the end of the world. Emmerson will introduce students to a wide variety of artistic depictions of the Apocalypse, a subject which he has studied in depth for 40 years. Topics will range from medieval poetry to modern novels and films, a graphic-novel version of the Book of Revelation as well as the medieval “graphic novel,” the many illuminated manuscripts of the Apocalypse from the middle ages.

E-Series courses are undergraduate liberal studies courses focused on broad questions that are relevant to humanity and our natural world and can be explored, examined, and experimented upon.  FSU students complete a total of 6 credit hours of E-Series courses as part of their 36 FSU Liberal Studies credit hours. The courses are created for non-majors and are designed to foster critical and creative thinking, allowing students to compare multiple perspectives on specific enduring issues of human existence.