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FSU Grad Student Presentations Around the Southeast

Published September 29, 2014

FSU Art History will be well represented again this year at the Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC) and other conference venues in the Southeast, with twelve current students and recent alumni giving presentations in the coming month.  Several of the conference participants will give practice presentations on Monday and Tuesday, September 29th and 30th, at 6 pm in room G40 WJB.  Here are a few of the upcoming papers:

PhD student Amy Bowman-McElhone will present the paper “Memory-Place and the Unintentional Monument: Pittsburgh’s Civic Arena” in the panel Modernizing the Modern: The Conundrum and Challenge of Preserving and Restoring Modern Architecture at SECAC, which will be held in Sarasota this year, October 8-11.

PhD student Alex Challenger is participating in an interdisciplinary conference at the University of Maryland, “Knowing Nature in the Medieval and Early Modern Worlds,” on October 25.  Alex will present  “Visualizing the Cosmos: the Authority of Images in Apian’s Cosmographicus liber” in the session Seen and Unseen: The Cosmos and the Image of Nature.

Alumna Randi Cromer (MA 2014) will present “The Knott House Museum and the Disinheritance of Their African-American Heritage” in the session Art Museums in Florida: Exploring Their Histories, Patronage, and Collections at SECAC.

Alumna Amanda Dean (MA 2014) will present “The Conflict Between Suffrage and Traditional Gender Roles in Gertrude Whitney’s Titanic Memorial” in an open session panel at SECAC. Amanda also gave a paper in September at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota: “Will You Back Me or Back Booze?: Prohibition Propaganda in World War I.”

MA student Morgan Gunther will present La Fortaleza: Viceregal Architecture Communicating Militaristic and Social Identity in Early Modern Puerto Rico” in the panel Mediating Latin America at SECAC.

PhD student Kristi Peterson is presenting two papers in October: “Gathering the Sacred: Possession and Consumption in the Coateocalli” in the session Sacred Spaces in Pre-Columbian Art at SECAC on October 9th, and “Christianity and Conquest: Early Spanish Colonial Narratives in The Virgin Mary of the Mountain” in the session Have you really seen them all?: The Virgin Mary in the Visual Arts of Early Modern Europe and its Colonies at the Sixteenth Century Society Conference on October 19th in New Orleans.

PhD student Ali Reilly will present “Modeling Photography: Art and Science in Seurat’s Les Poseuses”  in the Art and Science panel at SECAC.

MA student Katie Townsend will present Eliciting Liturgical Participation: The  Southwest Vestibule Mosaic in Hagia Sophia” in our own conference, the 32nd Annual Graduate Student Symposium, which will be held  October 31st – November 1st in room 2005 WJB.