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Gabriela Germana

Published August 18, 2017


 Gabriela Germana Research Area: Visual Cultures of the Americas; Contemporary Andean Art
Advisor: Dr. Michael Carrasco
Dissertation Title: “Doing It Their Own Way. From Traditional Aesthetics to Artistic Images: The Paintings of Sarhua, Peru”
Gabriela Germana specializes in contemporary Andean art with emphasis on the relationship between traditional indigenous aesthetics and the contemporary global art context. Her research addresses issues such as agency, race, ethnicity, politics of identity, decolonial theory, globalization, theories of circulation, and regimes of value. Her dissertation examines the history of the Tablas de Sarhua, from their origins in the nineteenth century in the peasant community of Sarhua to their more recent developments in the city of Lima. She investigates the way Sarhuino artists have consistently responded to and challenged modern Western aesthetics and knowledge. Her research also considers how tablas made in Lima have circulated through different regimes of value, being framed as cultural heritage, tourist art, and art pieces.

Gabriela received her BA in Art History from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in Lima, Peru. In 2014 she received a Fulbright Foreign Student Program fellowship for pursuing doctoral studies in Art History at Florida State University. As a PhD student, in 2016 Gabriela received the Patricia Rose Doctoral Fellowship, and in 2017 the Penelope Mason Dissertation Research Award to conduct dissertation research in Lima, Ayacucho, and Sarhua, Peru. She has presented her research in the College of Art Association Annual Conference (New York, 2017; Chicago 2019), the Latin American Studies Association International Congress (Lima, 2017; Boston 2019), and the American Anthropological Association (Vancouver, 2018). She has been invited to give public talks at ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair (Madrid, 2019), the Norton Museum of Art (West Palm Beach, FL, 2019), the San Antonio Museum of Art (San Antonio, TX, 2019), and the Yale Institute of Sacred Music (New Haven, CT, 2020). Since 2019, she is a Visiting Professor in Contemporary Art History at the University of South Florida.