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Christina Glover (MA '12)

Published April 30, 2012
Anni Albers, Two, 1952

Anni Albers, Two, 1952

Anni Albers’s Modernist Philosophy in Thread and Text

“This thesis provides an intellectual history of Anni Albers’s (1899-1994) weavings and writings. It attends to the theoretical foundations she used to equate her work with vanguardism, and it shows how her work engages intellectually and stylistically with modernism. Examining the Bauhaus atmosphere where she received her education, her interest in ancient American textiles, and her use of pan-American sources of universalism reveals the complexity of her personal philosophy on art, which sought to unite art, craft, and design. Using a language belonging to the plastic arts, she removed false divisions between art media and advanced her concept of universalism by creating a link between ancient craft and modern art.”

Christina Glover – MA Art History ’12