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Haylee Glasel

Published August 24, 2020


H Glasel Research Area: Contemporary Indigenous Art and Media
Advisor: Dr. Kristin Dowell
Dissertation Title: “Art and Activism: Sámi Responses to Contemporary Environmental Violence.”

Haylee Glasel is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Art History at Florida State University. She is an art historian of modern and global contemporary art with a focus on Indigenous art and media in Sápmi (Norway/Sweden/Finland/Russia). Her dissertation addresses the connections between art, the environment, government policy, and Indigenous rights by examining land-based contemporary performance, sculpture, film, and photography. She engages materiality, relationality, place/site, visual sovereignty, self-determination, and Indigenous science.

Haylee received a BA in Art History (2017), a BA in Classics with a minor in Anthropology (2017), and an MA in Art History (2019) from Florida State University. Haylee has been awarded the Mason Dissertation Research Award, Helen J. Beard Conference Travel Grants, College of Fine Arts Travel Grant, and Congress of Graduate Students Conference Presentation Support Grants which have supported research and conference travel to Finland, Norway, Canada, and Italy.