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Lynn Jones: Looking for Anastasia

Published May 3, 2011

Funded by Florida State University’s Council on Research & Creativity, Assistant Professor of Art History Lynn Jones spent the summers of 2008 and 2009 doing research in the Middle Byzantine rock-cut church of Meryemana. “Meryemana has suffered from erosion and geologic instability but retains approximately 2/3 of its original interior fresco program. Close examination of the frescos over two summers allowed for the identification of several previously-unidentified images and corrected several previous mis-identifications.”

Four FSU graduate students will accompany Jones on a return trip this summer. “They have planned a strategy of attack that is breathtakingly thorough and precise, targeting some 80 churches. We will look for images of Anastasia, of the Archangel Michael grouped with other saints, and for solitary images of John the Theologian. Finding any of these—or not finding any – will allow me to further contextualize the fresco program of Meryemana. A preliminary article based on work done during 2008-09 is forthcoming in Eastern Christian Art vol.7, 2011. This summer’s findings will enable me to write an in-depth publication.”