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Lynn Jones Receives Undergraduate Teaching Award

Published June 20, 2014

Art History Associate Professor Lynn Jones received a student-nominated University Undergraduate Teaching Award this spring for outstanding service in classroom instruction and mentoring.  The Teaching Award is administered by the Office of the Provost and includes a $2000 bonus. The award is supported by student surveys and letters; as one student wrote, “No single person has contributed more to my career goals and life ambitions. Dr. Jones was, and still is, consistently available offering me academic advice and personal guidance.”  Another student described Dr. Jones’s engaging teaching style: “I was always eager to get to class not only for the material I would learn but becuase Dr. Jones provided  us the opportunity to learn in new ways.  We often worked on assignments in groups, allowing us to learn from one another.  Rather than simply dishing out lists of images to memorize, she challenged us to improve our writing and creative thinking skills.”

For more information about teaching awards at FSU, visit the University Faculty Awards website.

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