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Madison Gilmore-Duffey

Published September 16, 2021


M Gilmore-Duffey  
Research Area: Late Antique and Early Byzantine material culture
Advisor: Dr. Lynn Jones

Madison Gilmore-Duffey is a doctoral student working with Dr. Lynn Jones. She studies Late Antique and Early Byzantine material culture and the construction and presentation of identity. Her dissertation, “The Classical Past in the Art of Late Antique Byzantium,” focuses on the ways in which objects from the classical past were translated, staged, and modified to reflect Late Antique cultural values including legitimacy, power, and heritage.

Her research has been featured in several publications, including a forthcoming article, “Importing a Past: Alexander, Constantine, and The Serpent Column” (Diogenes), “The Iconography and Roles of an Ascetic Monk: A Painting of Abba Samuʾel of Waldəbba,” and catalog entries for “Ethiopian Art in the David P. Harris Collection, Department of Art History, Kenyon College: Cultural Heritage, Identity, and the Persistence of Form” (Peregrinations: Journal of Medieval Art & Architecture VIII/1). She presented her research at the 24th International Congress of Byzantine Studies (2022) in Venice.

Madison has served on the first Graduate Student Committee in the Byzantine Studies Association of North America (BSANA) (2020-2022), the Department of Art History’s first Graduate Student Symposium Committee (2020-2021), and is co-editor of the Department of Art History’s peer-reviewed journal, Athanor vol. 40 (forthcoming).