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FSU's Strong Showing at Kalamazoo

Published March 30, 2013

Several Medieval Students and Alumni will take part in the International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 9-12, 2013. Browse below to take a look at their papers and sessions:

Dr. Jennifer Feltman


Organized the sessions:

“New Studies of the North Transept of Reims I: Archeaology, Architecture, and Glass” “New Studies of the North Transept of Reims II: Sculpture”

Both sponsored by AVISTA: The Association of Villard de Honnecourt for the Interdisciplinary Study of Medieval Technology, Science, and Art

She will also be presenting her paper “Royal and Clerical Iconography and the Chronology of the Reims Last Judgement Portal” as part of session II.

Sarah Andyshak

PhD Candidate

“Transfiguring Chartres: Cross-Cultural Currents in Glass”

Session: Byzantium and the Latin West: Comparisons, Dialogues, and Analogies

Sponsored by Claremont Consortium for Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Brad Hostetler

PhD Candidate

“The Presence of Nature within a Devotional Context: A Case Study of a Middle Byzantine Reliquary from Mount Athos”

Session: Eco-Critical Approaches to Medieval Art, East and West II: Objects”

Sponsored by the International Center for Medieval Art

Sarah C. Simmons

Doctoral Student

“The ‘God Bearing’ Patriarch: Liturgy as Political Symbolism in Ninth-Century Constantinople”

Session: Ritual, History, and Identity: Social Dimensions of Byzantine Liturgy

Sponsored by the Byzantine Studies Association of North America

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