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Museum Object Students Developing Exhibition of Contemporary Amazonian Art – Pitch in Now!

Published October 18, 2016

guardians_smEach semester, twelve to fifteen Art History undergraduate students in the Museum Object course have the unique creative opportunity to mount their own exhibition. From curating to promotion to exhibition design, the entire production is a whirlwind of activity and a unique hands-on learning experience for future museum professionals. This fall, Art History undergraduates in the Museum Object class under the direction of PhD student Gabriela Germaná are developing the exhibition Guardians of Their Art: The Contemporary Peruvian Amazon, to open on November 10 in the WJB Gallery.

Curated from a collection of Peruvian embroideries, paintings, prints, and photographs, Guardians of Their Art will introduce contemporary Peruvian art about and from the Amazon to the local audience. Exhibiting the works of Lastenia Canayo, Gerardo Petsaín, Roldán Pinedo, Brus Rubio, Christian Bendayán, and Adrián Portugal, the class seeks to show the diversity of  the artists and their responses to the urban and natural landscapes of the Amazonian region.  The pieces selected for the exhibition have been generously loaned by Bufeo / amazonía+arte, a gallery in Lima, Peru directed by artist Christian Bendayán and dedicated to the research and promotion of Amazonian art.

These student-curated exhibitions are an essential and lively component of our Museum & Cultural Heritage Studies program, encompassing every facet of exhibition development in the fast-paced microcosm of a single semester. Having curated the pieces for this semester’s show, the next crucial step for these students is gathering materials for framing, mounting, printing, painting, catalogue production, and promotion. Fundraising for the exhibition is hosted by SparkFSU, a university platform that allows students to initiate and design innovative and entrepreneurial projects with financial support garnered from alumni and friends.

Donate Now!    Museum Object students Fall 2016

Your gift will allow our students to:

    • Frame materials
    • Print informational labels and placards
    • Paint and prepare the gallery
    • Create an exhibition catalogue
    • Promote the exhibition to the FSU and the community

Thank you!

The exhibition will open on Thursday, November 10, and will be open to the public weekdays through December 9 (specific hours will be posted here and in the Gallery).