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Full-Time Faculty

Dr Karen Bearor

Karen Bearor

February 24, 2014
Associate Professor
Modern American Art and Theory

Tenley Bick

May 25, 2018
Director of Undergraduate Studies (as of August 2022)
Assistant Professor
Global Contemporary Art

Michael Carrasco

February 23, 2015
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and
Research / Associate Professor Pre-Columbian Art & Architecture

Kristin Dowell

May 18, 2018
Director of Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies
Associate Professor
Indigenous Art & Film

Adam Jolles

February 20, 2015
Associate Professor / Department Chair
Modern European Art and History of Photography

Lynn Jones

February 19, 2014
Associate Professor
Byzantine, Armenian, and Islamic Art and Architecture
Kyle Killain

Kyle Killian

May 20, 2015
Assistant Professor
Medieval Art & Architecture
Dr Stephanie Leitch

Stephanie Leitch

February 18, 2014
Associate Professor
Northern European Art and History of Graphics

Erika Loic

June 8, 2020
Assistant Professor
Global Medieval Art

Robert Neuman

January 22, 2015
Baroque and 18th-Century Art; 20th-Century American
Cinema, Animation, & Themed Environments

Paul Niell

February 16, 2015
Director of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor
Spanish Colonial Arts & Architecture, African Diaspora