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Professor Rick Emmerson Returns to FSU

Published February 3, 2015

Professor Rick Emmerson, former chair of Art History at FSU (2006-2009), rejoins the department this spring as Visiting Distinguished Professor. Emmerson is a world-renowned scholar who specializes in medieval apocalypticism and its representation in art, drama, and visionary poetry. He is preparing graduate courses on medieval illuminated manuscripts and medieval London and an undergraduate interdisciplinary lecture course on the End of the World in Art and Literature.

Professor Emmerson has published six books, including Antichrist in the Middle Ages: A Study of Medieval Apocalypticism, Art, and Literature (1981), The Apocalyptic Imagination in Medieval Literature (1992, with Ronald B. Herzman), and The Apocalypse in the Middle Ages (1993, with Bernard McGinn).  He has authored more than fifty articles, many studying word-image relationships in medieval illustrated manuscripts. Recent essays include “On the Threshold of the Last Days: Negotiating Image and Word in the Apocalypse of Jean de Berry,” in Exploring the Threshold of Medieval Visual Culture (2012); “Visualizing the Visionary: John in his Apocalypse,” in Looking Beyond: Visions, Dreams and Insights in Medieval Art and Thought (2010).

Rick Emmerson with students

Professor Emmerson at the Cloisters with students Jennifer Feltman, Deirdre Carter, Karlyn Griffith, and Carey Fee.