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Professor Weingarden's 2013 Publications

Published September 10, 2013

Professor Lauren S. Weingarden published an article, “Imaging and Imagining the French Peasant: Gustave Courbet and Rural Physiologies,” in the Spring 2013 issue of Nineteenth-century Art Worldwide.  In July Professor Weingarden presented a paper, “Mirroring Naturalism in Word and Image: A critical exchange between Émile Zola and Edouard Manet,” at the “Ekphrasis: From Paragone to Encounter” conference, held at the University of Hull (UK).

On campus this summer, Professor Weingarden participated in the Pilot Study for the Quality Enhancement Plan, a professional development workshop which focused on critical thinking pedagogy and training for the administration and scoring of the Critical Thinking Assessment Test (CAT).  Professor Weingarden also received a “Prestigious Award,” from the FSU Office of the Provost, in recognition of her “extraordinary accomplishment” as a Fulbright Scholar in 2012.