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Blackboard Instructions

Creating a Course Site

Log in to Blackboard using your FSUID.

Click the Courses & Orgs tab at the top of your home page.

In top the left panel click Request a Bb Course/Dev Site.

Click the Request Course Site button.

Choose Individual or  Cohort:

  • If your course has only one section, click Individual.
  • If it is cross-listed with another department or consists of an undergraduate and a graduate section, click Cohort.
  • We do not recommend splitting undergrad and grad sections into individual sites because some content is universal.  Separate folders can be set up within one course site for separate reading materials.

Be sure the correct term and year are selected, choose course(s) from left column and click Add.  If you selected “cohort,” all of the courses you select will be combined into one course site.

Click Next at the bottom of the page.

Click Submit.

Copying Content from Previous Courses

After the site is created, if you wish to copy content from a previous section of the same course, open the OLD course site and go to Control Panel > Packages & Utilities > Course Copy.

Archived Courses

Courses are archived after two years.  Archived courses are not visible on your Blackboard home page, but they can be retrieved by Blackboard technicians.  If you want to copy content from a course that is no longer visible, contact Blackboard User Support and ask them to un-archive the course; be sure to include course number and term/year.

Adding Users to a Course

To add a non-enrolled user to a course (e.g. an auditor or graduate assistant):

  • Go to Control Panel > Users & Groups > Users and click the Find Users to Enroll button at the top of page (NOTE: Don’t use the search menu on the Users page. It only searches users that are already enrolled.  Click the grey Find Users button first).
  • If you know the person’s username (FSUID), enter it, set the Role using the pop-up menu, and click Submit.
  • If you don’t know the username, click Browse and you will be able to search by name.
  • Roles: A Course Builder can add materials to a course site, a Teaching Assistant can add materials and also access grades.
  • Only the Instructor can add and define users’ roles.

Using Turnitin

The university provides a thorough guide to Turnitin in this pdf file.

More Help

For more tutorials and support, click the Support tab on your Blackboard home page. There are several options for help here; we find the Bb Support Center search particularly useful.  If you can’t find solutions there, email Blackboard User Support.