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Email at FSU

Configuring Mail on a Mac

Mac Mail in OSX 10.6 and later can be configured to work with the Office 365 mail server.

  • Be sure you’re running OSX version 10.6 or later: Click the Apple menu (top left) and select About This Mac.
  • Check and install system software updates if any are recommended.
  • Quit Mail if it’s running.
  • Go to System Preferences and select Internet Accounts.
  • Click the Plus sign.
  • Select Exchange as the account type (choices should be in a list on the right or in a pop-up menu, depending on your OS Version)
  • Fill in your name as you want it to appear in the Return Address field.
  • Fill in your full email address: or
  • Once you enter your password, the rest of the info should be found and filled in automatically.
  • The new server name is – but again, this should be automatically entered in all the “server” fields.
  • You may want to UNcheck Contacts and Calendars if you already have those items set up.

Configuring Mail on Mobile Devices

Instructions for other mail applications and for mobile devices can be found here on the ITS website.  When you set up your Exchange mail account, the Username is your FULL email address ( and the Server is

Some Tips for using OWA (FSU webmail):

  • To adjust settings, such as notification sounds, click the Options button (top right) and select See All Options.. On the next page, choose a category from the list on the left.  Be sure to click Save (bottom right) after making changes.
  • To send a message to more than one address, separate the addresses with semicolons, not commas.

Getting Outlook for Home Use

As for the disadvantages of webmail, IT recommends setting up Outlook (for Windows or Mac). One major Outlook advantage: You can retract emails.
  • For FSU faculty & staff, Outlook is available for personal use through the Work-at-Home program.
  • For registered students, Outlook is part of the free Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus package, available for download here.