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FSU Students & Alumni at SECAC 2016 Conference this Week

Published October 15, 2016

Four current Art History FSU doctoral candidates and four alumni will participate as sesssion chairs and presenters in the 2016 meeting of the Southeastern College Art Conference in Roanoke, VA October 19–22.

Thursday, October 20:

Stephanie Chadwick (MA 2009, PhD Rice, now Lamar University) will present “Appropriation and Assemblage: Jean Dubuffet, Portraiture, Hybridity” in the session French and European Interactions in Modern Painting, 1880-1950.

Friday, October 21:

Stephanie Bender will chair the session The Frankfurt School Now: Critical Theory’s Continuing Relevance to Art History, in which she will also present her paper, “Photographic Reflections and Surface Revelations: Siegfried Kracauer’s ‘Salaried Masses’ and ‘Mass Ornament.’”

Amy Bowman-McElhone will present “Mike Kelley’s Pedagogical Perversions: Body Horror as Institutional Critique in Blind Country (1989)” in the session Anatomically Incorrect: Body Horror in Visual Culture.

Sarah Buck will present “Collecting Habits: The Costumes Grotesques in Early Modern Collections” in Enigma II: Early Modern Visual Culture.

Kristi Peterson will present “Antonio de Herrera y Tordesillas’ Descripcin de las Indias Ocidentales and the Consumption of New World Sacra in the Early Modern Period,” also in the Enigma II session.

Mary Slavkin (MA 2009, PhD CUNY, now Young Harris College) presents “The Imagier And(h)re des Gachons: The Princess, the Fairy, and the Poet” in the session Enigma I: Medieval Visual Culture.

Saturday, October 22:

Alexia Lobaina (MA 2016) presents “Visualizing ‘Blackness’ in the Cuban Social Landscape: Postcolonial Racial Issues in Present Day Cuba,” in Expanding the Frame: New Visions of Photography in the Past Century.  

Sarah Buck and Jennifer Courts (PhD 2011, now Assistant Professor at the University of Southern Mississippi) will co-chair the session “Women at Work in Early Modern French Art (1400-1800).”