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Daniel Seinfeld

Published January 18, 2017

Dan SeinfeldArchaeology Method and Practice 
Room 2037 WJBContact

Curriculum Vitae

Daniel Seinfeld (PhD Florida State University) specializes in the archaeology of the southeastern United States and Mesoamerica. He is the Archaeology Collections and Conservation Supervisor at the Florida Department of State’s Bureau of Archaeological Research. He also runs Florida’s unmarked graves and federal NAGPRA repatriation programs. His current research focuses on ritual practice and monumental landscapes in the Woodland period (A.D. 0–1000) in Florida. He also works with 3D photogrammetry as an outreach and research tool.

He teaches courses in the theory, method, and practice of archaeology, archaeological material culture, and heritage resource management. These courses familiarize students with archaeological scholarship and provide an intellectual framework for interpreting ancient and historical material culture.