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Teri Abstein

Published July 2, 2015

Teri Robin Abstein
Adjunct Instructor
Museum Theory & Practice

Research Areas

Dr. Teri Abstein works for the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs as a program manager for the Cultural Facilities grant program. Prior to her current position, Dr. Abstein worked for fifteen years at the FSU Museum of Fine Arts, first as the Communications Coordinator and then as the Curator of Education. She also served as the Academic Coordinator for the Specialized Study in Museum Theory in Practice at FSU. It all started with an Egyptian clay tablet at the British Museum during a summer study abroad program. Having always been interested in art and museums, a behind-the-scenes tour turned into the “aha moment” that led to a Master’s Degree in Arts Administration, a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies, and a Ph.D. in Arts Education.
Dr. Abstein’s research interests include museum accreditation, museum evaluation and assessment, museums and communities, and museum exhibition.
Dr. Abstein is a board member of Girl Museum, the first and only museum in the world dedicated to celebrating girls and girlhood. She has served as the board secretary since the virtual museum’s inception in 2009.

Coordinated and Curated Exhibitions

Coordinator (Summer 2016) – The Artists’ League Summer Annual: The Artful Nude
Faculty Advisor (Spring 2016) – Women Through the Pages: A History of Women in Comics
Coordinator (Summer 2015) – The Artists’ League Summer Annual: A Beautiful Idea
Coordinator (Summer 2014) – The Artists’ League Summer Annual
Faculty Advisor (Spring 2014) – John Shaw: The Man Behind the Collection
Faculty Advisor (Spring 2013) – Farms, Fields, and Florida: A Lois Lenski Exhibition
Faculty Advisor (Spring 2012) – Here Comes the Sun: The Rise of the Sunshine State in the 1960s
Co-Curator (Spring 2012) – Thread of Life
Faculty Advisor (Spring 2011) – With Love From Florida State: the times they are a changin’
Faculty Advisor (Spring 2010) – Out of the Woodwork: A History of the Woodblock Print
Faculty Advisor (Spring 2009) – Oh the Places You’ll Go and Memories You’ll Capture
Faculty Advisor (Spring 2008) – Heaven or Hell: Choose Your Fate
Coordinator (Fall 2007) – Locating Secret Psychological Spaces

Graduate Courses Taught

• Seminar in Museum Basics
• Museums and National Heritage Sites of London
• Directed Individual Studies
• Museum Internship

Undergraduate Courses Taught

• Museum Internship
• Museum Basics
• Museum Object
• Museums and National Heritage Sites of London


“Beyond the Museum: Bombing that Builds Community” in Thread of Life, 2012.

“History Reconfigured: Haida Argillite Carving” in Dimensions of Native America: The Contact Zone, 1997.