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Grad Students Share Research at Home and Abroad

Published February 14, 2012

FSU Graduate Students Brad Hostetler, Caroline Larson, and Karlyn Griffith have been sharing their research at conferences across the counry, internationally, and through publications.

PhD Candidate Brad Hostetler received a Penelope E. Mason Conference Travel Grant for travel to the UK, where he presented in February at the Oxford Byzantine Society International Graduate Conference, “Reality and Illusion: Seeing through the ‘Byzantine Mirage’,” sponsored by Department of History at the University of Oxford. Brad’s paper, “Text as Iconography: Reinterpreting the Limburg Staurotheke,” was one of 50 papers presented by speakers from 12 countries.  Brad also has a forthcoming publication. His article, “The Iconography of Text: The Placement of an Inscription on a Middle Byzantine Reliquary,” which originated as a paper presented at the 2009 Byzantine Studies Conference, will be published in Eastern Christian Art, vol. 8, in the fall of 2012.

Master’s student Caroline Larson has presented her paper “Constructing Identity in the Frescoes of the Salone Riario: Julius II and Trajan” at two conferences: the FSU Religion Departments Graduate Symposium, “Beyond Borders: Constructing, Deconstructing and Transgressing Boundaries” and the Midwest Art History Society Annual Conference in Wichita, KS. She will also be presenting her paper at the 56th Annual Renaissance Conference of Southern California in San Marino, CA, on June 2.

PhD candidate Karlyn Griffith published “Performative Reading and Receiving a Performance of the Jour du Jugement in MS Besancon 579,” Comparative Drama 45 (2011): 99-126