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Britt Boler Hunter

Published February 1, 2018

  Note: This page is archived; Dr. Hunter graduated in 2022.

Research Area: Medieval Manuscripts and the History of the Book
Advisors: Dr. Richard K. Emmerson; Dr. Stephanie Leitch

Britt Boler Hunter specializes in the history of the book in the Middle Ages, especially relating to Apocalypticism, exegesis, and epistemology. Britt’s work often examines compilation and production, function, and reception. Her dissertation examines the Wellcome Apocalypse as a proto-encyclopedia compendium blending received knowledge traditions with contemporary pastoral trends.Britt has received various grants and awards including an International Council of Medieval Art student research travel grant and the Sieglinde Hartmann Prize for her 2020 IMC paper on the Life of Antichrist in late medieval print and manuscript illustration. Her article, “The Cambridge, Trinity College MS B.10.2 Apocalypse: Production and Reception at Westminster Abbey,” is published in the 33rd volume of Medieval Perspectives, and she is a contributing author of a forthcoming commentary on the British Library MS Add. 38121 Apocalypse facsimile.

Britt graduated with her MA in Library and Information Studies from Florida State University in 2016 with a certificate in Museum Theory and Practice. She has served on university and professional organization executive boards, committees, and councils, including her a term as President of FSU’s Art History Association (2017-2018) and secretary of the American Library Association student chapter (2015-2016).