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FSU Art Historians at the 109th Annual College Art Association Conference

Published January 20, 2021


FSU Art History will be represented at the 109th College Art Association Annual Conference by doctoral candidate Jennifer Baez and by Professors Tenley Bick and Paul Niell. CAA is the primary professional association of artists and art historians in the United States. This year’s conference will be held as a virtual program February 10-13, 2021, which the organizers describe as part of a digital transformation: “Providing content in a virtual format preserves and enhances access to the program and allows conference attendance to expand beyond boundaries embracing a global audience.” Events will include live and recorded presentation sessions, discussions, and social events, and a focussed selection of content relating to the topic of Climate Crisis.

Doctoral student Jennifer Baez organized the panel, “From the Ozama to the Orinoco: Visual and Material Economy of the Caribbean in the Hispanic 18th Century.”  The live session with Q&A will be held at 10am on Thursday, February 11, and the papers include those of Associate Professor Dr. Paul Niell, “‘A very shocking contrast with the ornato of other buildings’: Value, Aesthetics, and Social Reform in the Bohíos of Nineteenth-Century Puerto Rico,” and Jennifer Baez, “Between Early Contact and 19th Century Indigenismo: Locating the Taíno.”

Dr. Tenley Bick organized the panel “‘Italianicity is not Italy’: Questioning Italian Art History,” which was selected for sponsorship by the Italian Art Society. Dr. Bick is also giving a paper on the panel, “Postcolonial Retrofuturism: Alessandro Ceresoli’s Linea Tagliero Prototypes.” The live component of this session will be Friday, February 12, at 2pm. Information about the panel, panelists (including Sean Anderson, MoMA), and discussant (Carlos Basualdo, Philadelphia Museum of Art) are available on the Italian Art Society’s website.