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Alumnus Chase Van Tilburg Puts Tech Skills to Work in 3D Scanning & Modeling Profession

Published April 16, 2023

Alumnus Chase Van Tilburg (MA ’21) has begun a rewarding career that draws on his talents, education, and experiences in imaging technology. In 2021 Chase joined the Florida-based company NeoMetrix Technologies as an application engineer. NeoMetrix provides 3D scanning and modeling, inspection, and 3D printing services to clients across many different industries, from automotive engineering to art and cultural heritage, and everything in between.

Major clients of NeoMetrix include NASA, Disney, and Boeing. Chase writes that it was the variety of clients and projects that drew him  to the company, and that makes each day a unique challenge. In 2018 NeoMetrix worked with Sotheby’s in New York to create a 3D scan of a bronze casting of Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker before it went to auction. This year, Chase worked with the Revs Institute in Naples, FL, to scan a 1934 MGK3 in their permanent collection. The data from that scan was used in the restoration of another MGK3 in England. Chase often scans art objects for the American Bronze Foundry in Sanford, FL, generating 3D data that is then used to create bronze casts.

In his undergraduate and graduate studies at FSU, Chase participated in 3D imaging workshops and projects, developing databases of models for the Department of Art History, Strozier Library and the Museum of Fine Arts. Chase writes,

Without my research in photogrammetry during my MA studies, I would never have built the essential skills I use every day. And now NeoMetrix allows me access to technologies I could only have dreamed of two years ago, and opportunities to expand on that knowledge. There is never a moment when I am not learning something new.