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Graduate Courses – Spring 2020

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ARH 5806-01 Medieval Art and Architecture of the Holy Land
Dr. Doron Bauer
Thursday 3:35–6:20pm WJB 2038
The Holy Land—a place sacred to three monotheistic religions—changed hands multiple times during the Middle Ages. The seminar will examine canonical monuments and objects associated with the different dynasties that controlled the Holy Land as well as art produced by minorities living under their rule.
ARH 6718-01 Documentary Photography and Film
Dr. Karen Bearor
Wednesday  9:05–11:50am WJB 2038
This seminar studies the forms, strategies, and conventions of documentary photography and film in the U.S., from the late 19th century to the 1960s, with somewhat greater focus on the 1930s, the decade associated with classic social documentary in both mediums.
  ARH 5806-02 Digital Documentation and the Preservation of Cultural Heritage
Dr. Michael Carrasco
Monday 9:05–11:50am  WJB 2040 (Limited Lab course. Contact Dr. Carrasco for admission)
The “digital” is so ubiquitous and fundamental to contemporary life that its use as a descriptive adjective is nearly universally redundant. Yet, despite this we use the term to denote a particular category distinct from the pre-or non-digital. Art history focuses on things, but increasingly these material objects are melding with the digital to the extent that people often experience historical objects and images only as digital copies. This seminar uses a hands-on approach to examine these issues and to prepare students to use these technologies. Students will learn techniques for the digital documentation of objects using a suite of photographic and scanning technologies. Through these projects we will unpack the problems, possibilities, and the role the digital object.
ARH 5806-03  Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts

Dr. Richard Emmerson
Tuesday 12:30–3:15pm WJB 2038
This seminar studies religious and secular manuscript illustration in medieval Europe from Insular to Gothic, ca. 700–1450. We will examine manuscript design, production, patronage, and reception. Students will use manuscript facsimiles in Special Collections for seminar presentations and papers.
ARH 5806-04  Italian Renaissance Sculpture

Dr. Jack Freiberg
Tuesday 9:30–12:15pm WJB 2038
This seminar explores the three-dimensional art of Italian Renaissance artists, 15th and 16th centuries. Works in marble and bronze by prominent figures, including the Florentines Donatello and Michelangelo, will share attention with lesser-known sculptors active across the Italian peninsula who employed wood, wax, terracotta, and even sugar, from large-scale public monuments to personal objects: equestrian statues, tombs, portrait busts, medals, tabletop works, veristic tableaux, ephemeral decoration, garden ornament, and fountains.

ARH 5806-05   Gothic Architecture
Dr. Kyle Killian
Monday 12:20–3:05pm WJB 2038
Gothic architecture remains a central touchstone for the study of the Middle Ages. The material significance of the monumental architecture itself is inescapable. This seminar will cover major examples of Gothic architecture and track significant changes in how Gothic buildings have been studied.
ARH 5806-06 
Hollywood Cinema
Dr. Robert Neuman
Thursday 9:30am–12:15pm WJB 2038
This seminar treats the Hollywood “dream factories” that controlled production during the classical period of the 1930s and 1940s. Readings and paper topics will be organized around principal movie genres. Focusing particularly on the visual elements of film, we will study the house styles of the individual studios, as exemplified by art direction, to analyze how the studios promoted American cultural values in the cinematic medium.
ARH 5806-07 Art and Nationalism in Latin America

Dr. Paul Niell
Tuesday 3:35–6:20pm WJB 2041
This seminar examines relationships between nationalism and visual culture in Latin America in the formative years of nations, including the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

ARH 5838-01   Museum Object / Curatorial Practice
Meredith Lynn
Thursday 12:30–3:15pm WJB 2038
In this course students will examine contemporary issues of museum exhibition. Through engagement with theory, case studies, and art objects, they will investigate the philosophical and ethical questions facing museums while executing their own curatorial projects in exhibition spaces across campus.