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Alumnus Brad Hostetler Contributes to Smarthistory Video on Byzantine Icon

Published October 31, 2022

FSU Art History alumnus Brad Hostetler (PhD ’16) has contributed to a new video published by the popular nonprofit organization Smarthistory, The Center for Public Art History. In collaboration with Dr. Ariel Fein, Hostetler describes in detail a Byzantine icon of the Archangel Michael, likely made in Constantinople and now in the Treasury of the Basilica of San Marco, Venice.

Hostetler, Assistant Professor of Art History at Kenyon College, specializes in the art and material culture of Late Antiquity and Byzantium. He teaches courses on the art and architecture of the ancient and medieval Mediterranean, including ancient Greece, Rome, Byzantium and the Islamicate world. He received his doctorate with distinction at FSU in 2016, with his dissertation The Function of Text: Byzantine Reliquaries with Epigrams, 843–1204, under the direction of Dr. Lynn Jones.