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Museum Object Exhibition “All Over The Map” Opens with Artist Lecture Thursday, 3/2

Published March 25, 2023

Each semester, a group of undergraduate students in the Art History Museum Object course have the distinct opportunity to develop an original exhibition. From March 3 through April 4, the Spring 2023 course is pleased to present All Over The Map, a selection of artist Carolyn Fords tondi (ceramic sgraffiti disks) in the WJB Gallery.

About the Exhibition

All Over The Map explores Ford’s creative wanderings, taking into special consideration how experiencing places far from home often brings into better focus the meaning or meanings of “home.” Ceramic is one of the oldest art forms. The media and processes of ceramics have been used for artistic, aesthetic, and practical purposes that bring the creator in close contact with the world’s physical content and the viewer their surrounding context. Ford combines clay and sgraffito to, similarly, bring together her adventures at home and abroad. Carolyn Ford will provide an informal artist talk on Thursday, March 2 from 5:30pm-6:30pm in WJB G40 before the opening reception in the WJB Gallery at 6:30pm. The artist talk and reception are free, and all are encouraged to attend.

About The Course

The Museum Object course is the culmination of the Museum Studies Minor for undergraduates. Museum Object examines the history, philosophy, practice, and implications of acquiring, researching, and displaying objects in museum and gallery spaces today. Additionally, the course provides students with hands-on experience in designing, installing, and programming an exhibit in a gallery setting.
Student-curated exhibitions are an integral component of FSU’s Museum Studies Minor, encompassing all aspects of exhibition development during a single semester. Having curated the pieces for this semester’s show, the next crucial step for these students is gathering materials for mounting, printing, painting, brochure production, and promotion. Students have also begun to tailor programming for campus and Tallahassee communities, including FSU international student groups and Lighthouse of the Big Bend youth.

Support our Students!

To support the exhibition and openig costs, students have developed a fundraiser hosted by SparkFSU, a university platform that allows students to initiate and design innovative and entrepreneurial projects with financial support garnered from alumni and friends.For more details, contact Dr. Carey E. Fee or visit the exhibition website, which is currently in development and will continue to grow throughout the exhibition to include videos of Ford’s process, a recording of the artist talk, examples of audience involvement with the works, and more specific information on the various tondi.

Carolyn Ford, More Nervous Than A Long-Tailed Cat In A Room Full Of Rocking Chairs and Italia.