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Visiting Artist Lecture: Mark Doox, October 14

Published September 8, 2020

Black Existential Musings:

An Evening Talk with Artist/Writer Mark Doox


Mark Doox is a writer and narrative based visual artist whose mixed media acrylic collage paintings use aspects of Byzantine and early Italo-religious icons as the basis of his “icon” styled artwork that he calls Byz-Dada (Byzantine Dadaism.) His subject matter routinely gravitates toward religious iconography, colonial Americana, comic book superheroes, minstrelsy, and images from vintage photographs. From the artist’s site: “Doox’s efforts with these specific characters intentionally blend the boundaries of certain African-American stereotypes (Blackface, Sambo, Coon, and Mammy) and certain religious/spiritual archetypes (Christ, Messiah, Prophet, Saint, Lady/Madonna and Baby Jesus).” 

Join us on Zoom! October 14 at 5:30 pm

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