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Victoria DeBlasio

Published August 14, 2020


Research Area: Post-World War II Italian Art
Advisor: Dr. Tenley BickVictoria DeBlasio (pronouns: she/her/hers) specializes in processes of artistic labor, artists’ employment of destructive tendencies and ephemeral material, and experimentation with new media. As a social art historian, Victoria focuses on European, specifically Italian, involvement with intersections of art and critical theory, issues of individual authorship within the collective model, historical materialism, artists’ engagement with the body, and art’s relationship to modern and contemporary theories of labor.Victoria holds an MA and BA from Florida State University. During her tenure, Victoria has presented at the Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC) and symposia at the University of Alabama and Virginia Commonwealth University. Victoria has received various fellowships and grants including the Patricia Rose Teaching Fellowship, the Ada Belle Winthrop-King Visual Arts Endowment, the College of Fine Arts Travel Grant, and the Congress of Graduate Students Conference Presentation Support Grant.