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Committees & Groups

The duties and parameters of the following committees are outlined in the department’s bylaws.

For the complete list of department faculty & staff see our People page.

Student Liaisons & Faculty Advisory Committee
Caroline Haight, Amanda Brito, Tess McCoy
Dr. Tenley Bick, Dr. Kristin Dowell, Dr. Paul Niell

Academic Directors
Director of Graduate Studies: Dr. Paul Niell
Director of Museum & Cultural Heritage Studies: Dr. Kristin Dowell
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Dr. Tenley Bick

Promotion and Tenure Committee 2022-23
Karen Bearor (College P&T rep), Lynn Jones. Stephanie Leitch

The following ad hoc committees and roles have been formally established by agreement of the faculty and students.

2022–23 Graduate Symposium Committee
MA Representatives:
Brooke Belcher, Quentin Clark, Kate Donohue, Carlos Ortiz Burgos
PhD Representatives:
Emma Huston (Athanor Co-editor), Haylee Glasel (Athanor editor), Cindy Evans
Faculty Advisor: Jean Hudson

2023–24 Graduate Symposium Committee
MA Representatives:
Brooke Belcher, Hudson Kauffman, Tanya Pattison, (one additional TBA fall)
PhD Representatives:
Emma Huston (Athanor Editor), Maddie Gilmore-Duffey (Athanor Co-editor), (one additional TBA fall)
Faculty Advisors: Jean Hudson, Lorenzo Pericolo

Anti-Racism and Equity Committee
BA Student Representatives: 
Corinne Roethke, [TBA]
MA Student Representatives:
Amanda Brito, Carlos Ortiz Burgos
PhD Student Representatives: Sonia Dixon, Sheila Scoville
Faculty Representative: Kyle Killian

Departmental Ally for Disability Accommodations
Emily Johnson

Connections Mentorship Program
Estefanía Vallejo Santiago (director), Madison Gilmore-Duffey, Ileana Olmos

The following are Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) of Florida State University.

Graduate Art History Association (AHA)
Dominique Goden, Liv Gutierrez, Serena D’Alessandro.  Faculty Advisor: Jean Hudson

Undergraduate Art History Association (UAHA)
Co-Presidents: Samantha Fast, Tessa Mahurin, Vice President: Lucy Smith, Secretary: Jackie Mateosky, Faculty advisor: Jean Hudson