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Committees & Groups

The duties and parameters of the following committees are outlined in the department’s bylaws.

Advisory Committee

Dr. Karen Bearor, Dr. Paul Niell, Dr. Lynn Jones

Anti-Racism and Equity Committee

MA Student Representatives: Charlie Farrell, Amanda Brito
PhD Student Representatives: Victoria DeBlasio, Estefanía Vallejo Santiago
Faculty Representatives: Jean Hudson, Dr. Erika Loic, Dr. Kyle Killian

Graduate Studies Committee

Dr. Karen Bearor (director), Dr. Kristin Dowell (Fall 2021), Dr. Kyle Killian (Spring 2022), Dr. Stephanie Leitch

Promotion and Tenure Committee

Dr. Lynn Jones, Dr. Paul Niell, Dr. Stephanie Leitch

Undergraduate Studies Committee

Dr. Paul Niell (director), Dr. Erika Loic, Dr. Tenley Bick

Placement Committee

Dr. Tenley Bick, Dr. Erika Loic, Dr. Paul Niell

The following ad hoc committees and roles have been formally established by agreement of the faculty and students.

Faculty Meeting Student Representatives

MA Student Representative: Sahara Lyon
PhD Student Representative: Madison Gilmore-Duffey

Graduate Symposium Committee

MA Student Representatives: Emma Driggers, Charlie Farrell, Sahara Lyon
PhD Student Representatives: Haylee Glasel (Athanor Co-editor), Caitlin Mims (Athanor editor), Emily White
Faculty Advisor: TBA
Anti-Racism and Equity Committee Representative: TBA

Departmental Ally for Disability Accommodations

Emily Johnson

Connections Mentorship Program

Estefanía Vallejo Santiago (director), Madison Gilmore-Duffey, Ileana Olmos

The following are Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) of Florida State University.

Graduate Art History Association (AHA)

Ivy Bealyer, Paris Gilstrap, Sara Kuba.  Faculty Advisor: Jean Hudson

Undergraduate Art History Association (UAHA)

President: Maddie Muller, Vice-president: Mallory Glaser, Secretary: Erica Lomnitz, Treasurer: Kendal McDowell, Outreach Coordinator: Gabrielle Little, Event Coordinator: Brittney Pieper, Faculty advisor: Jean Hudson