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Committees & Groups

The duties and parameters of the following committees are outlined in the department’s bylaws.

For the complete list of department faculty & staff see our People page.

Academic Directors / Faculty Advisory Committee

Director of Graduate Studies:
Dr. Paul Niell
Director of Museum & Cultural Heritage Studies:
Dr. Mora Beauchamp-Byrd
Director of Undergraduate Studies:
Dr. Tenley Bick


Promotion and Tenure Committee 2023:
Dr. Kristin Dowell, Dr. Lynn Jones, Dr. Paul Niell
Promotion and Tenure Committee 2024:
Dr. Mora Beauchamp-Byrd, Dr. Kristin Dowell, Dr. Adam Jolles

Student Representatives
Undergraduate: Murphy Movsovitz
MA Art History: Leila Al-Shibibi
MA MCHS: Brittney Pieper (2023–24), Valarie Godwin (2024–25)
PhD: Haylee Glasel (2023–25)


Departmental Ally for Disability Accommodations
Emily Johnson

The following ad hoc committees and roles have been formally established by agreement of the faculty and students.

2023–24 Graduate Symposium Committee

MA Representatives:
Brooke Belcher
Hudson Kauffman
Tanya Pattison
Jessica Salaun
PhD Representatives:
Emma Huston (Athanor Editor)
Maddie Gilmore-Duffey (Athanor Co-editor)
Serena D’Alessandro
Faculty Advisors: Jean Hudson, Lorenzo Pericolo


The following are Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) of Florida State University.

Graduate Art History Association (AHA)
2023–24: Olivia Hackney, Francesca Kern, Rachael Fulmer.
2024–25: Maia Pimperl, Emma White, Jacqueline Cao
Faculty Advisor: Jean Hudson

Undergraduate Art History Association (UAHA)
Tessa Mahurin, Willow Hackett, Murphy Movsovitz.
Faculty advisor: Jean Hudson



Representatives to College of Fine Arts Committees
Faculty Senate: Erika Loic
P&T: Karen Bearor (spring), Paul Niell (fall)
Bylaws: Lynn Jones
Curriculum: Stephanie Leitch 
Faculty Senate: Kyle Killian
P&T: Paul Niell
Awards & Scholarship: Erika Loic
Bylaws: Mora Beauchamp-Byrd
Curriculum: Lynn Jones