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Introducing Dr. Cindy Evans

January 6, 2024
Congratulations to Cindy Evans, who defended her dissertation “Political Playgrounds: The Effekt Group’s activist art in Postwar West Germany and Yugoslavia” under the direction of Dr. Tenley Bick in the fall of 2023. This fall Dr. Evans accepted a tenure-track position in the Department of Art & Design at Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah. ...

Off Kilter: An Exploration of Contemporary Form

May 23, 2020
Students in the spring 2020 Museum Object class quickly shifted their plans mid-semester and moved this exhibition, orginally intended for the WJB Gallery, to an online installation. "Off-Kilter" explores contemporary art within the framework of form and texture, focusing on objects from the FSU Museum of Fine Arts permanent collection. ...

Indigenize Climate Justice

March 3, 2020
Indigenize Climate Justice strives to render the work of Indigenous activists Allen Salway and Tokata Iron Eyes visible to the Florida State University campus through a digital exhibition and sticker campaign. These activists fight to collapse the structures of inequality harming our planet, through creative and subversive methods. Ideally, this intervention will amplify these passionate indigenous voices. ...

Identity in the Ottoman Empire

July 25, 2019
An exhibition at the Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts curated by Prof. Lynn Jones, Art History, in collaboration with student researchers from Art History, History, and Religion. August 19 – November 9, 2019 Identity in the Ottoman Empire is an exploration of the diverse ethnic and religious identities that coexisted in the Ottoman Empire (ca. 1300-1922), which at its greatest extent  spanned  3 continents comprised of ap ...