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Art History Student Chase Van Tilberg Collaborates with FSU Innovation Hub

Published March 26, 2018

Department of Art History student Chase Van Tilberg has been working with Innovation Hub staff to create designs to mount a stereoscope to a modern tripod via 3D printing. The Innovation Hub has over two dozen 3D printers available for students to utilize, including workshops to train them on use of the equipment. Chase recently presented his 3D printing project at the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference (FURC). A description of his project is available below:

This research project focuses on the Three-Dimensional Modeling and Digitization of the John House Stereograph Collection In order to enhance the accessibility of and push the cards into a 3D digital plane. This would grant online viewers the ability to digitally experience the stereograph cards in the round. A partnership with the Florida State University Morphometrics Lab under the Department of Scientific Computing has been created to accomplish this task. Moreover, through virtual and augmented reality, a digital method of viewing the digital stereo cards stereoscopically, without the need for the physical stereoscope is currently under development. This will be applied to a narrative about the advancement of the viewer experience in museology. The end goal of this research is twofold: to create a digital repository of digital three-dimensional models for each stereograph in the collection of historical images, and more broadly, to investigate and experiment with the use of contemporary technologies such as virtual reality and three-dimensional modeling to enhance visitor experience and digital art historical practice within the museum exhibition setting.