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Caitlin Mims

Published January 19, 2017


Caitlin Mims Research Area: Medieval Art and Material Culture of the Mediterranean
Advisor: Dr. Lynn Jones
Caitlin Mims is a doctoral candidate working with Lynn Jones on the art and material cultural of medieval Byzantium. Caitlin’s research is focused on the boundary between magic and religion in the Middle Byzantine period (843-1204). Her dissertation examines a group of amulets with the hystera, or womb, motif and questions what distinguishes magic from medicine or divine intervention.

Caitlin has received various grants and awards including a departmental Patricia Rose Teaching Assistantship, a Library of Congress Junior Fellowship, and an International Council of Medieval Art student research travel grant. A Newberry Renaissance Consortium Grant, College of Fine Arts Grants, and Congress of Graduate Students Conference Presentation Support Grants have funded the presentation of her research at national and international venues.

Caitlin graduated with a Master of Arts degree in the History of Art from FSU in 2016. She has served on university and professional organization committees and councils, including a term as Chair of FSU’s Art History Symposium Committee and as a member of the Byzantine Studies Association of North America Graduate Student Advisory Committee. Caitlin also currently serves as the Editor in Chief of the art history journal Athanor.