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Cindy Evans

Published September 1, 2017


Evans Research Area: Modern and Global Contemporary Art
Advisor: Dr. Tenley Bick
Dissertation Title: “Effekt’s Nonaligned Network: ‘Third Way’ Art and Politics in 1960s West Germany”
Cindy Evans is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Art History at Florida State University. She is an art historian of modern and global contemporary art with special interests in postwar art in Germany and the Balkans and a focus on social art history and cultural geopolitics. As a scholar, she prioritizes researching and teaching about the relationship between art and politics by employing globalized models of art history, postcolonial theory, critical race theory, and discussing themes such as artistic labor, embodied memory, and intergenerational trauma. Her current research includes her dissertation in progress. “Effekt’s Nonaligned Network: “Third Way” Art and Politics in 1960s West Germany” examines the art and activism of the 1960s Munich-based West German artist collective the Effekt Gruppe (1965-1968) and situates Effekt within “third-way” politics and transnational avant-garde practices as informed by the Nonaligned political movement and New Tendencies art network, both based in Zagreb, Yugoslavia. Her project demonstrates how artistic internationalism and transnationalism were at the heart of prewar and postwar modernism.
Cindy graduated with her MA in Art History from Florida State University in 2016 and received her BA with a double major in Interdisciplinary Humanities and German at Brigham Young University. She has also interned at the Würth Kunsthalle in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, and The Salvador Dalí Museum St. Petersburg, Florida. As a PhD student and Patricia Rose Fellow at Florida State University, Cindy has received various fellowships and grants including the FSU International Programs Florence Teaching Fellowship (2020), the Critical Heritage Studies Travel Grant (2020), and the Lillian Carlton Joughin Criddlebaugh Endowed Scholarship (2019). She has presented and been accepted to present at the following conferences, German Studies Association Conference in Washington D.C., Association of Critical Heritage Studies in London, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, The Ohio State University, and served as a panelist for a global Indigenous film showcase at FSU. Cindy also currently teaches German online for Brigham Young University Idaho.