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Danelle Bernten

Published September 27, 2022


Research Area: Modern and contemporary art; African-American art and arts of the African diaspora
Advisor: Mora Beauchamp-Byrd

Danelle Bernten is a doctoral student studying modern and contemporary art. Her primary interests are African-American art, arts of the African diaspora, Southern art, folk art and spirituality, and art criticism. Danelle received her BA from Princeton University and her Master’s in Art History from Louisiana State University. She worked as the 2023 Museum Voices and PLACE Summer Intern at the Princeton University Art Museum.

Ms. Bernten has been awarded the spring 2024 MLK Book Award, Helen J. Beard Conference Travel Grant, and Julia Pelot Colket Graduate Scholarship. She has presented papers nationally on Black art including at the annual meeting of the Southeast Region of the American Academy of Religion (Mercer University) and Study for the Arts of the Present ASAP/14 (University of Washington). Recently, Ms. Bernten was selected to participate in the southern art journal Burnaway’s 2023 Art Writing Incubator cohort-Critical Movement(s) and published the exhibition review “William Edmondson’s Feminal Angels.”

Some of her other writings have been published in southern art journals, including Number: Inc., Ruckus Journal, The Journal of Art Crime, and Steam Ticket (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse).