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Emily White

Published June 18, 2021


E White
Research Area: Early Modern European Art
Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Leitch

Emily White White is a first-year doctoral student specializing in European art (c. 1400—1600). Working under the supervision of Dr. Stephanie Leitch, her research investigates issues of early modern rhetoric, the global Renaissance, and the dissemination of vernacular knowledge.
Emily graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Art History from Florida State University in 2020, focusing on early modernity and German printmaking. During her graduate studies, Emily has presented at the Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC) and the Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies Graduate Student Conference supported by a Newberry Renaissance Consortium Grant, College of Fine Arts Travel Grant, and Congress of Graduate Students Conference Presentation Support Grant. She is currently a Patricia Rose Teaching Fellow in the Department of Art History.