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Julia Kershaw

Published March 1, 2017

  Research Area: Global Contemporary Art and Architecture
Advisor: Dr. Lauren Weingarden
Julia Kershaw specializes in sensorial aesthetics and processes of embodied spectatorship and spatial immersion in contemporary art and architecture of Brazil and its cross-cultural exchanges with Latin America and Europe. Her dissertation will track the development of sensorial aesthetics and practice in Brazilian modern architecture and its continuation into contemporary art of the Neo-Concrete Movement.

Julia graduated with her MA in Art History from Florida State University in 2018 and her BA in Art History and Visual Culture from Denison University in 2015. As a PhD student and Patricia Rose Fellow at Florida State University, Julia has received various fellowships and grants including the FSU International Programs Florence Teaching Fellowship (Summer 2019), Helen J. Beard Conference Travel Grants, College of Fine Arts Travel Grant, and Congress of Graduate Students Conference Presentation Support Grants. She has presented in symposia at the University of London, the University of St. Thomas, and Florida State University and served as a panelist for a global Indigenous film showcase at FSU. She will present at the Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC) and the 45th annual French Studies Nineteenth-Century Colloquium in the fall of 2019. Julia is currently a student-athlete tutor for Florida State University.