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Mallory Nanny

Published January 15, 2017


Research Area: Global Contemporary Art
Advisor: Dr. Karen Bearor
Dissertation Title: “Negotiating Absence: Artists’ Narratives of the Vietnam War.”

Mallory Nanny is a Patricia Rose Doctoral Fellow who specializes in global contemporary art with an interdisciplinary emphasis on memory studies. Her research investigates how artists represent, re-enact, and memorialize the Vietnam War in a variety of media from the 1980s to the 2000s.
Mallory received her first MA at Richmond the American International University in London in 2011, and her second MA at Florida State University in 2017. That year, she presented her research on An-My Lê’s Small Wars series at the conference “Hiding in Plain Site: Seeing and Feeling the Everyday” at the University of Illinois. She is also the recipient of the departmental I.N. Winbury Award for her paper “The Other Vietnam Memorial” on Chris Burden’s sculpture dedicated to Vietnamese casualties. Since 2012, she has taught art appreciation and art history courses both in the classroom and online for the North Carolina community college system.