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New Book by Alumnus Dr. Hayes Peter Mauro, Messianic Fulfillments: Staging Indigenous Salvation in America

Published September 1, 2019

Dr. Hayes Peter Mauro (MA ’01) is the author of Messianic Fulfillments: Staging Indigenous Salvation in America, published by the University of Nebraska Press, August 2019.  The book critically examines the role of evangelical movements in shaping American identity and visual culture from the Colonial period through the Gilded Age.

From the publisher: With an interdisciplinary approach drawing from religious studies and the histories of popular science and art, Messianic Fulfillmentsexplores ethnohistorical encounters in colonial and nineteenth-century America through the lens of artistic works by evangelically inspired Anglo American artists and photographers. Mauro takes a critical look at a variety of visual mediums to illustrate how evangelical imagery influenced definitions of “Americaness,” and how such images reinforced or challenged historically prevailing conceptions of what it means (and looks like) to be American. 

After graduating from FSU, Mauro earned his PhD in art history at the CUNY Graduate Center. He is now an Associate Professor at Queensborough Community College, CUNY. His first book, The Art of Americanization at the Carlisle Indian School (University of New Mexico Press, 2011), addressed the role of pseudoscientific knowledge and visual representation in the effort to assimilate Native American students at the Carlisle Indian School, a federal boarding school established for such purposes. Dr. Mauro also chaired a panel on the aesthetics of the alt-Right political movement at the College Art Association conference in 2018.