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Friday, Jan 24: Sarah Milligan on Oral History & Community Engagement

Published January 12, 2020

Sarah Milligan
Motivations and Expectations:
Oral History and Community Engagement

Friday, January 24 in G40 WJB, 11 am

Free & open to the public

Oral history work is often a time-consuming and rigorous tool for historical documentation. The process doesn’t start or end with the recorded interview and can be intensely personal, often being built on a process of earned trust and respect between narrator and interviewer. So what motivates oral historians and individuals to participate in this process and how do we set and meet expectations from all sides of the table? In this public lecture, Sarah Milligan will talk about the core values of oral history work, specifically focusing on community engagement projects, sharing authority, and a career spent as an oral historian and folklorist.

Sarah Milligan is head of the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program at Oklahoma State University. She has worked extensively in oral history throughout the U.S., and served the Oral History Association (OHA) broadly, including co-chairing the 2018 OHA Principals and Best Practices Task Force and serving on the OHA Council.

Sponsored by: FSU Department of Art History, Museum & Cultural Heritage Studies Program Professional Development Lecture Series