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Morgan Gunther

Published July 15, 2017


Research Area: Visual Cultures of the Americas; Caribbean Architecture
Advisor: Dr. Paul Niell
Dissertation Title: “Architecture, Urban Space, and Imperial Power: The Construction of Colonial Administration and Reform in Nineteenth-Century Puerto Rico”
Morgan Gunther studies Latin American and Caribbean architecture and material culture with an emphasis on imperial place-making during the Bourbon Reforms in Puerto Rico. Her research and teaching interests include architecture and painting, particularly the performativity and display of power. Presently, she is developing her dissertation on colonial subjectivity and architectural performativity across the island of Puerto Rico during the long nineteenth century (1759-1897). Morgan received her BA in Art History from the University of Central Florida in 2012. She completed her MA at Florida State University, writing her qualifying paper on La Fortaleza in San Juan Puerto Rico and its function as a spatial symbol of imperial power.As a PhD student, Morgan is a Patricia Rose Doctoral Fellow and a member of FSU’s Graduate Fellows Society. She is a recipient of the Mason Dissertation Research Award.