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Museum Object Class Preparing Exhibition Off Kilter: An Exploration of Contemporary Form

Published February 10, 2020

Museum Object Class Spring 2020

This spring, undergraduates in the Art History Museum Object class under the direction of Professor Kyle Killian are developing the exhibition Off Kilter: An Exploration of Contemporary Form, to open Friday, April 3 at 5 pm in the WJB Gallery. The exhibition is centered around provoking curiosity towards art objects within an accessible space. There will be an emphasis on the structural tactility of the objects and images and a discussion of the impact function has on their form.

You can help support the exhibition by making a donation through SparkFSU, a university platform that allows students to initiate and design innovative and entrepreneurial projects with financial support garnered from alumni and friends. Donations to the campaign will help these students gain maximum benefit from the experience of marketing, budgeting, planning, and fundraising, all valuable skills for future professional success.

The exhibition is open April 3 – 22.

Off KilterAbout the course

The Museum Object course is the culmination of the Museum Studies Minor offered by the Department of Art History for undergraduate at FSU. This course examines the history, philosophy, practice, and implications of acquiring, researching, and displaying objects in art museums and gallery spaces in the modern era. The course provides students with hands-on experience in every aspect of designing and mounting a show in a gallery setting. This semester the course is taught by Professor Kyle Killian.

Off KilterAbout the exhibition

Off Kilter: An Exploration of Contemporary Form, will explore contemporary art within the framework of form and texture, juxtaposed with aesthetic value. Each item is wonderfully unique, and showcases a wide array of size, shape, and material. The installation seeks to invoke curiosity by subverting the expectations of viewers with the selection of pieces that may not meet the idea of art that many anticipate. The goal is to foster personal reflection and individual exploration in an accessible environment through the use of varying sensory information. The Museum Object class hopes to open their doors and usher you into a fun, welcoming space where you can interact with art in an unorthodox way and leave you with a new appreciation of the ways that contemporary art makes use of form and texture.

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Museums employ more than 400,000 people in the United States. Your gift gives these students an experience which can prepare them for a rewarding career in this industry, as well as marketing, budgeting, planning, and fundraising skills applicable to any future position.

The campaign is open through April 23.

Your gift will allow our students to:

  • Create wall texts
  • Design and print an exhibition catalogue
  • Promote exhibition to the FSU and Tallahassee communities
  • Acquire installation supplies

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