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Preservation Institute Nantucket- Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2023

Published February 13, 2023

Summer 2023: Heritage and Housing on Nantucket
The Preservation Institute Nantucket (PIN) is a summer program run by the University of Florida’s Historic Preservation program. PIN introduces students to methodologies of cultural heritage conservation/preservation through research, documentation, community engagement and stewardship of communities of global significance. The Island of Nantucket, a National Historic Landmark, illustrates the multitude of challenges threatening many historic communities, including sea level rise and regular flooding, balancing tourism with heritage, loss of historic materials, and unexplored cultural narratives. PIN students are involved in and exposed to projects that reflect the
multi-disciplinary nature of historic preservation. Students learn from PIN faculty, practicing architects, preservationists, conservators, urban planners, real estate developers, urban designers, lawyers, and advocates through work with existing buildings, materials, documentation, archival research, site surveys, stakeholder interviews, and public presentations.

Additionally, for the 2023 summer, the program will investigate the history of how people have lived on the island, how industry shifts have impacted housing, and will look for ways that history can inform potential solutions for the current issues of rising housing costs and availably for year-round residents. Students will study the intersection of heritage and housing at multiple scales, from the evolution of architectural housing types to the development of urban form and neighborhoods. Archival, architectural and urban research will encompass the 17th century to the present. Resources will include but aren’t limited to: archival research, historic drawings, census data, inspection and assessment of existing residential and multi-use buildings, maps and plans, etc. Students from all disciplines are encouraged to attend and contribute to the interdisciplinary, complex project to understand how history can positively inform contemporary decision-making. PIN is open to graduate and upper-level undergraduate students from any institution
across the world.

Classes are taught by University of Florida Historic Preservation faculty, staff, and graduate assistants, all actively engaged in historic preservation education, research, and practice. UF faculty are supported by guest instructors and lecturers from the United States and abroad representing a variety of specializations within the field of cultural heritage conservation and World Heritage.

Preservation Institute Nantucket offers three (3) three-credit (3.0 credit) courses, for a total of nine (9.0) credit-hours. PIN students will be registered for all three courses. Non UF students may work with their university to have credits transferred.


DCP 6701 World Heritage Research & Stewardship
DCP 6718 Current Topics in Historic Preservation
DCP 6931 Special Topics: PIN
Schedule: UF “Summer C:” May 15 – August 11, 2023
Fee: $6,075.00. The fee includes: 9 credit hours of graduate coursework, housing in student dormitory, and field trips. Participants are responsible for travel to and from Nantucket and meals.
Please see last page of this packet for instructions.
Deadlines: PIN has limited capacity (15 students).
Priority Consideration Applications are due Wed., March 1, 2023.
Second Deadline Applications are due by Fri., April 14, 2023.